p>You can focus on driving and leave the rest to us – we provide complete track support for both car and driver.  From HPDEs to races we will be there to make your time at the track the most enjoyable and worry free, so you can get the most of your driving experience!

Track Support Services Includes:

  • Reserved Spot at The Little Speed Shop Trailer
  • Assist Client Through Tech Inspection
  • Pre and Post Race Set-Up and Prep
  • All Fluid Levels Checked and Topped
  • Checking Tire Pressures, Wheel Torque, Cleaning Windshield Between Runs
  • Monitoring of Tire and Brake Wear
  • Suspension Adjustments
  • Driver Assistance
  • Monitoring and Recording Performance Data of Vehicle (tire pressures, tire temps, engine hours, etc.)
  • Diagnosis of any problems
  • On Site Service/Repair of Vehicle
  • Assistance with Data Acquisition: AIM, MoTeC
  • Driver Communication with Base Station
  • Driver Support Facilities – Changing Room, Seating Area, Beverage and Snacks
  • Hospitality
  • Pit Crew Services
  • A fun group of staff and other drivers to be a part of
  • And much more